A downloadable Party Game

Omega Shinran is a mini-game bundle created for the 2015 Mini Game Jam. It features five Mini-Games for you to enjoy!


Soul Satiate Juniper:

Use your mouse to click on the tombstones to launch the souls into the reaper!

Ninja Showdown:

Rapidly tap W/E for Player 1 and K/L for Player 2 to slice your ninja opponent!

Blobby Hobby!:

Player 1 use the SPACE BAR and Player 2 use the NUMPAD ENTER to shoot adorable paint blobs at the wall in order to cover the most area with your paint!

4 Ways to Save the World:

Player 1= Q Player 2= T Player 3= I Player 4= 7, Tap your respective keys to climb the vine and dodge the aztec arrows!


Guide Blava the Kawaii lava monster down the volcano to hug the village into destruction us A/D Keys to move left and right or the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS.

Blava's AMAZING music and sounds were created by Kyler Barton and Austin Edwards, valued members of the credited team, thank you so much guys!

Install instructions

  1. Download the .EXE File
  2. Extract the Files
  3. Run the Unity EXE File
  4. Enjoy!


OmegaShinran.zip 74 MB